Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oh Hello

How is life out there? Life here in Oregon is awesome and Church is the best. Leroy Is doing such a great Job preaching and teaching to the People here. God has been truly blessing us.
Sandy is now 29 weeks along and she went to the Doctor the other day and everything is fine with her and the baby, the doctor also told Sandy that if she goes into labor after 36 weeks ( 7 weeks away) she will not stop it. Sandy is so looking forward to this point, so please pray that things work out for the Best for her. Adam and Dixie are looking forward into meeting their little sister.
Adam and Dixie are doing great in school. We are looking into Sandy homeschooling them this coming year so she can be a little more active with there schooling. Leroy, on the other hand, is wondering where is she going to find time to school the older two and take care of a new born lol.

Got some things coming up at church that we are all looking forward too, Like the concert with the nelsons that is Thursday Feb 18 at 7 pm , ten there is the youth rally that is coming up at the end of the month.
Leroy's parents are coming out In march ( 24 days away) LOL no one is counting or anything, when his parents are here the church is giving Sandy a Baby shower so they can all get together and get to know his mother and of course celabrate the new life that is coming into this world.
I just can't not stress the fact that God has been so good to us.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Moving Along

Well Sandy is moving along in the pregnancy pretty well. She is now 7 months along and she and the Baby are both growing like a weed. In the start of the pregnancy she was losing weight but now as of Friday Feb. 5th she has gained 2 pounds, which the doctor is completely happy with her gain. Many have asked how my older two are dealing with the fact that Mommy is having a baby, well let me tell you it has been a fight and very interesting LOL.
I remember the day we told them, I went and did the over the counter test and i came out and into the office where Leroy was and i had the test in hand that was oh so a plus plus, man was i excited and scared all at once, if you can feel that way. We called the kids into there daddy's office where we bother were and told them that Mommy was going to be having a Baby with one child jumping up and down with excitement and the other running down the hall in complete disbelief which was so funny. Now that each of the kids see the baby move and get to feel Savanna move it is more real to them.

Now as time is getting closer and closer for Sandy to have the baby, i have to say that Sandy is watching the Lord bless more and more. She is getting things she needs for the baby, She has been given 6 bags and a tote of baby clothes and shoes and toys,she was also given a Playpen with a bassinet in it and a mini changing area and store area for different things, she also was given a cradle and a Crib and a Full size diaper changing table. Oh we have to say God has been Good to us.
So please pray that next couple of months go by smoothly and that Sandy and the baby will be strong during the trying time that is about to come there way.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


This past week, our family had the opportunity to attend the 6th Annual Pastor's Conference at the Trinity Baptist Church of Newport, Oregon. The theme of this meeting was "Falling Pillars and Broken Foundations". There were Pastors there from Oregon, Washington, Missouri, and Tennessee.
One of the speakers at the conference was Pastor James Beller from Missouri. Bro. Beller is the author of "America In Crimson Red". He is a Baptist historian and Pastor of the Arnold Baptist Tabernacle. He challenged us with three outstanding messages: "Falling Pillars", "One Faith", and "Church Planting Baptist."
Other messages thought provoking messages during the week were "Truth Absolute" preached by Adam Hudgins of the Trinity BC in Newport, "He's Still on the Throne" by Larry Brannon of the Cedar Ridge BC in Knoxville, Tennessee, "Time Redemption" by Danny Dixon also of the Cedar Ridge BC, "Letter vs Spirit of the Law", and "To Knock or Not to Knock" by Rex Smith of Mt View BC in Kelso, WA. All of the messages were great, but these are the ones that have stuck out in our minds.
Leroy had the opportunity to preach Friday Morning. He preached on "Compromise in the 21st Century". He preached from Proverbs 23:23 and challenged the preachers to stand for the truth and to not be for sale.
What a blessing it was to be at this meeting. Already can't wait for next year. The entire conference is going to be on Hell!

Thursday, January 21, 2010



Things have been kinda Crazy around here since the last time we blogged. God has been good to us. Leroy has been preaching some awesome messages ( as always ) and For myself i have been dealing with the Braxton Hicks contractions YAY. On Monday Jan 18th we took the kids to the Oregon zoo for some family down time and wow can you say we were all wore out LOL. Well i am almost 7 months along now and i have had this nesting thing going on. We will be packing to go to a meeting next weekend where Leroy is Preaching Friday Morning.

Thanks to a friend we just got a cradle for little Savanna. The quilt will fit perfect in there, so naturally i am excited. The Kids are getting excited about there baby sister being here soon, well Dixie is like super stoked lol.We will be having a visit from his parents coming up in March and we are hoping that Leroy's Grandma and Grandpa will be coming too.
We will be adding pictures as soon as i figure out how. May God Bless each of you and your families.
Sister Sandy Goodman

Friday, January 8, 2010


Well the New Year has arrived. This has already been a busy year for our family and it is just getting started. With things that we already know are scheduled for this year, it is only going to get busier.
To start off with, the New Year brought with it a new ministry for our family. On December 31, Leroy officially became the Pastor of First Missionary Baptist Church in St Helens, OR. For the past 3 months, God had given us time to heal our wounds, make new friends, and learn about the work here in St Helens, but now it is time to get to work. You can visit the churches website at in order to see where God has placed us.
The first week of our ministry here brought about our first opportunity to host a Missionary and his family. We were privileged of having the Brian Elam Family here with us for three days. The Elams are Canadian missionaries to the country of Russia. They have three boys so Adam and Dixie were excited to have other children their age to play with. Also, you know how preachers can be when they get together, so this brought about 3 nights of getting to bed late.
Sandy is progressing well with the pregnancy. She has had a few bumps in the road with her health but overall things are looking good. The baby is due May 3 and we are expecting a girl. Dixie has chosen the name of Savanna Joy for the baby. Adam is not too happy about now having two sisters. I think he is praying that the doctor was wrong on the sex of the baby.
Well we will sign out for now. We are new to the blogging process so it will take us some time to get things going. Look for pictures in the near future.